Countess Luanne Sings (well, sortof) in her silly single “Money Can’t Buy You Class”. You be the judge.

Countess Luanne proves that saying that you have class doesn’t mean that you have class.  In her horrifically auto-tuned single, “Money Can’t Buy You Class”, she attempts to teach the rest of us peons that “elegance in learned.”  Well, evidently Her Highness needs to listen to her own lyrics because she is breaking Classy Rule #1 – Never Talk About How Classy You Are.  It’s like sex.  Those who say they are getting it – aren’t.

Aside from being the cattiest  Real Housewife of New York, The Countess is also the most ridiculous.  Have a listen and decide if the this Park Avenue broad’s “song” is fabulous… or a flop.

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